Optics Communications 130, 272-278(1996.9).

Anisotropic Unidirectional Operation of an Optically-Pumped CH3OH Ring Laser

K. Matsushima, K. Hirata and T.Ariyasu
Department of Electrical Engineering, Kansai University

N. Sokabe
Department of Applied Physics, Osaka City University


We report directional anisotropy of the outputs of an optically pumped far-infrared ring laser, which operates on 119 micro meter line of CH3OH, with special emphasis on the effect of Raman-type two-photon process on unidirectional operation. By use of a Doppler broadened 3-level system which allows coexistence of two counterpropagating far infrared (fir) fields as well as a pump field in the cavity, expression for the fir intensity determining equations is derived.
Numerical calculation has been carried out to map the threshold contours on the parameter plane spanned by cavity and pump detuning frequencies. The output directionality is shown to be a direct consequence of the gain anisotropy due to two-photon process. Furthermore, it is also noted that how dynamic Stark effect modifies the threshold contours of the forward output.


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